Uniontown Academic League: End of an Era or a Bright New Dawn?

Round two of the finale of a double elimination tournament. At stake is the glory of your Alma Mater and an all expense paid trip to Harrisburg. Uniontown is down six points during the final round of the game. All it takes is three questions out of six to tie it and four to win. We get two. It seems we flew too close to the sun

Or did we? While it is true that two of our best players, Alec Schambach and Luke Patton, are leaving us this year, when asked if they will miss participating on the team they said, ” yes, I’ll miss the people on it and Mrs. Grimm’s leadership” and “Absolutely, I’m going to miss a lot of my friends,” respectively, the other two members of the starting four, Nolan Ranker and Brody Smith will still remain to fight on next season. Beyond this, members of the undefeated middle school team will be coming next year to bolster the JV ranks, who suffered an equally heart-breaking defeat at the end of the Tri-county Championships. I spoke to the three other members of the starting four to get their opinion on not only this season but the future of the team and their career as a whole.

Luke, the captain, has been a member since 7th grade, spending two years in the middle school league and on varsity since starting high school. Alec Schambach has been a member since last year, graduating into varsity this year. Nolan Ranker has been a longtime member, all the way back to 5th grade, and being JV captain for this year, his junior year.

As far as motivation to join goes, it seems Nolan and Luke find common ground, their gifted teachers encouraging them to join. Alec said that his motivation was that he had heard great things about the league and wanted to share his love of trivia.

Now that we know them a bit better, we can get into the juicy questions. I asked, “Are you disappointed that we got so far and lost or happy that we got so far in the first place?” Luke simply said that he was “Happy” but more than anything he was “Proud of our accomplishment.” Alec was a bit more bitter about the loss, saying “I was devastated but happy that we did get so far.” When asked why he was devastated, he responded, “I think mostly because I’m a Senior and that we did get so close.” Nolan was in the middle, saying, “I have mixed feelings, sorrow that we lost but also lucky that we had gotten so far”

One thing they could all agree on was that the team’s future was bright, I think Nolan put it best when commenting on next year’s team, saying, “I’m pretty excited, it’ll be as good if not better than this years.”

I also spoke to Carson McClintock, an up-and-coming junior who will be a varsity member next year. He had some sage wisdom that applies not only to Academic League, but any competitive activity, saying “You must always keep in mind that no matter how far you can get, defeat is always an option, so its best to stay humble.”

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