UHS 2020 Football Season Recap

The Uniontown Red Raiders were lucky to have a program this fall with the limited games scheduled. Covid-19 was a huge concern for the team this year, with cases picking up and spreading through many other football programs, counties, and schools around Uniontown. It was not looking good for the 2020 season. However the Uniontown Red Raiders opted to have a season this year starting months after other teams had already been practicing. The program ended up scheduling 4 or 5 games which the players, especially seniors, were grateful for.

Football Players in Stands

A lot of prior players on the team were not coming back to play due to fear of contracting the virus. They had a lot of younger and limited experienced players nonetheless. They were anxious for the season to begin. They played their first game against Ringgold and lost 60-6. When asked what happened they said they weren’t prepared enough for the season. The team had since been preparing to kickoff against Albert Gallatin High School for two weeks since there was no game scheduled in-between and lost to Albert Gallatin almost 70-0.

After this loss they were preparing for the following weeks junior varsity game against Washington High School when one of the coaches contracted Covid-19 and had to quarantine for 2 weeks . Following the quarantine the players returned to practice and it had been discovered that yet another coach had caught the virus and the season had come to an early close that year.

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