Uniontown Football Senior Kaine Frye

Kaine Frye is a senior football player born and raised in Uniontown. He suffered a shoulder injury about three years ago and continued to be a strong kid. Kaine tore his Labrium freshman year and recently on June 12, 2017  he has been out for about three months. This past Tuesday Kaine went for a check up to see if they were going to clear him. Unfortunately they did not clear him. He is frustrated and just wants to get in the action again.

Kaine was a three year starter for football as well as a three year starter for baseball. In every sport he plays he gives it his all every single down, every single pitch, and every at-bat. Kaine plans for after high school are to go to college. He does not where yet.

On Kaine’s free time he enjoys practicing his sports and having fun with his friends and family. He is planning on playing the last couple games of the year and make the team win more games. The sport teams really need him to be a part of the teams.

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