Uniontown High-School Diving 2015-2016

This years diving season was quite successful, along with the swimming season. The girls got section champs and the boys did fairly well. New to the diving team this year is, Jonathan Desvarro. Sadly he is a junior and only has one more year because he has a natural talent. Our two divers Maeve Carei and Jon Desvarro really helped our girls and boys teams when the scores were really close.

Jonathan won every meet he participated in besides the first section meet against Elizabeth Forward. He got fourth over all at the EF invitational. The invitational involved all of the teams in our section. Jon also qualified for WPIALs and had a great run at the competition with 19th place. Our girl diver Maeve Carei also had a great year. She had many first places throughout the season. Maeve got first place at the EF Invitational, she improved from her place last year which was third. She again qualified for WPIALs and had a successful day with 11th place.

Thanks to the diving coach, Joe Carei, the divers were able to have a season full of achievements. Joe started out as just volunteering since no one was there to even allow them to dive. He is self taught and we are very lucky to have him as a coach. Through his past three years of coaching he has had every one of his divers qualify for WPIALs, including his son Braden Carei who was the WPIAL Champion in the 2015 WPIAL competition. We appreciate you for your hard work, extra practices, and dedication for helping us get where we need to be. Thank you Coach Joe!

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