Uniontown in Space

Uniontown is an historic city, of that there can be no question. Home to both the Big Mac and the Marshall Plan, we have undoubtedly left our impact on the world. But what about the stars?

Bob Cenker graduated from our school in 1966 and went on to attend Penn State Fayette. Here he would achieve a Master’s in Aerospace engineering. Working in the space engineering industry, he eventually worked his way up to becoming a payload specialist on the space shuttle Columbia. From January 12th through 18th, 1986, Cenker enjoyed the stars. The highlight of this voyage was the deployment of a satellite and an infrared camera, and the performing of a myriad of physiological tests. He brought with him a Uniontown pendant, the same one featured in on the wall in our library!

Needless to say, Mr. Cenker’s achievements are a shining example to all of us, especially those who wish to pursue a career in STEM fields. We are honored to have his memory framed on our wall.

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