Uniontown Marching Band Takes on Disney

It’s finally April and for many that just means Spring is coming and lots of rain. However, for band kids, April means that it is finally Disney month! Each year the Uniontown Marching Band takes a trip to a park to perform in a parade for the “Music in the Parks” competition. In the past, we have gone to Tennessee, Washington D.C., and even Cedar Point bringing home trophies as a reward for how hard we worked o get there. Every four years, Mrs. Cerullo plans for us to take a trip to Disney as our big trip. We will be leaving on April 26th and will be gone until April 30th. After months of planning, we are finally getting closer and closer to the day we leave and band kids are getting more anxious for it by the day.

While we are down there, we will be visiting every Disneypark, Disney Springs, and Universal studios. On our second day there, we will be performing at Magic Kingdom in our competition parade. The neat thing about going down at this time is that Laurel Highlands and Albert Gallatin will be there as well and Laurel Highlands will even be in the same parade as us. We are excited and proud to be able to represent our school at “The Happiest Place on Earth”.

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