Uniontown Swimming & Diving Team Banquet

Last Sunday, March the 19th, was the team banquet for the Uniontown Swim team. This was a great opportunity fort the team to get together and look back at the season and celebrate. It was held in the Masonic Building on the corner of Pittsburgh Street and Peter Street. We started off with dinner and then took a moment to recognize and reward the different year swimmers, starting with first year swimmers and ending with the four year swimmers. Each were given a personalized gift to remember the year.

We then recognized this year’s graduating Seniors, Maeve Carei, Harry Strauser, Jeffrey Seabury, and Valerie Grimes and Riley Levander. They were previously celebrated at this year’s Senior night at the high school. Following that, the Seniors presented gifts to each of the team’s coaches. Then, Maeve, Valerie, and Riley presented their “paper plate awards,” which were paper plates with personalized messages/awards to each member of the team, which was all in good fun.

To close out the banquet, there were many, many pictures taken. As a team, a Senior picture, and many others. As a graduating Senior, I’m very sad to finish my career as a high school swimmer. I’d like to take a moment to wish the best of luck to my fellow Seniors and to those who aren’t graduating. Good luck and get out there and do your best!

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