Killinger Competes at Hershey PA

One of our very own high school students, Sam Killinger, had the opportunity to go to the Cross Country PIAA Championships this year. This is Sam’s second year in a row qualifying for states. He was put into box three at the start of the race. Sam ended up finishing 56th out of 230 runners in all of the AA schools across the state. The course wasn’t the best between the puddles and the mud, but Sam was able to push through the herd of runners.

Sam started out his sophomore year running for the Uniontown Cross Country team and was a natural runner. He just made running look easy. “I knew from the start that he would be an amazing runner,” said Coach Joe Everhart. Then he went into junior year, trained all summer and pushed even harder when the season started. His hard work paid off when he made it to states his junior year, along with a few other runners. Who knew he’d make it again, for a second year in a row?

Senior year started out good for Sam, He conditioned all summer, came to all the practices, and did everything that was expected of him. He had a goal to go to states again and once again, his work paid off. Sadly, Sam was the only Cross Country runner that made it to PIAA Championships this year for the team. Even though he was alone running the race, he still had the support of his family, coaches, and teammates to encourage him. The weather might not have been the best running condition, but he still pushed just as hard as he could for his very last high school cross country meet.

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