Uniontown Travels to Freeport

Uniontown traveled to Freeport for another Big East AAA conference match up on September, 20, 2019. Freeport went into the game 0-3. While Uniontown was going in 0-4. Uniontown scored the first play of the game with an 80 yard kickoff return by Javon Davis. Uniontown wouldn’t find the endzone again until the 4th quarter with a 1 yard run by Javon Davis. The final score was 49-14.

Special Teams is what really hurt Uniontown. Freeport returned two punts for touchdowns. Uniontown’s defense only allowed Freeport to score 28 points. Uniontown’s defensive coordinator Coach Chunko said, “We met our goal of the defense allowing half of the points they let up last year. We have to continue to do this for the rest of the games this year and next year.” Uniontown offense struggled only having 80 yards of total offense.

Uniontown will travel to Beaver Falls to take on the 3-2 Tigers. Beaver Falls is home of the Hall of Fame Quarterback Joe Namath. Beaver Fall’s games are played at Geneva College.

Red Raiders Javon Davis returning the opening kickoff for a touchdown

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