Upcoming movies in 2019

Do you like movies? Do you want to see new movies in 2019 but you’re not sure which ones to see?There are a lot of great movies that are coming out in 2019, and I have compiled a list of 10 of the most notable movies. I chose movies from many different genres so there is an upcoming movie in this list for everyone. This list isn’t in ranked or in any specific order, and with that in mind lets start the list.

The first movie on this list is Rambo: Last Blood which is an action, thriller movie which is the last movie in the rambo series. Judging by the trailers for this movie it should be a great conclusion to the series. The next movie on this list is Ad Astra, which is a new sci-fi movie coming to theaters September 20th. Judging by trailers and early review scores it should be a great movie. The next movie is Midnight Traveler which is a true story about an Afghan director who was forced to flee his country and become a refuge. The next movie on the list is 21 bridges starring Chadwick Boseman. It is a movie about a New York City cop who is trying to hunt down cop killers, which eventually leads to the police closing down all 21 bridges into New York. The next movie on the list is Abominable, which is a children’s movie about kids who find a young yeti and try and reunite him with his family. The next movie on the list is Joker, which is a new DC movie about the origin of Batman’s nemesis, The Joker. The seventh movie on this list is The Addams Family, which is another children’s movie. It is about the classic Adams Family which was last appeared in The New Addams Family in 1999. The next movie is Gemini Man which is a very interesting movie because it stars Will Smith, who is being hunted by his younger self who is also played by Will Smith. The next movie is Zombie Land: Double tap which is a comedy, horror movie which may not be appropriate for kids. But it is the sequel to the original Zombie Land which came out in 2009. The last movie on this list is Terminator: Dark Fate which is the 6th and possible final movie of the franchise. And of course Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to reprise his role as the original terminator.

I hope that you enjoyed this list of ten notable movies that are soon to release in 2019. This isn’t a list of all movies coming out in 2019 but just some very interesting ones from different genres. If there is any movie that you think should have been on this list leave a comment below.

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