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Have you been on the Uniontown Area School District’s website recently? There have been two new additions. First, you can now submit a Quick Tip, an anonymous tip submitted to school and district officials. Also, we now have a new UASD Athletics website, where you can view scores, get updates on sports, and can even turn on alerts to get notified about schedule changes for all of our teams.

To submit a quick tip, visit www.uasdraiders.org, click on Parents & Students, then select Quick Tip. Once you open up the Quick Tip form, you select what school the incident occurred at and the topic of the incident.  Topics include bullying, drug offences, missing student, suspicious person or activity, threats of violence and weapons violation. Once this information has been selected you can type your message in the box provided. You can even upload a related image to provide additional information.  Submitting your contact information is optional.  You can either omit these boxes to submit an anonymous tip or complete the fields for your name, email, and phone number to be contacted if more information is required. Once you have filled in all of the information required, you click submit tip, and your tip will be submitted.

From uasdraiders.org you can find our new UASD athletics website. Once on the site, hover over athletics and click on the first box that reads UASD Athletics, which will open the website in a new tab.  Or you can just go straight to www.uasdathletics.com. On the site, you can find scores for all UASD athletics and all upcoming scheduled sporting events. In the top right, you can click on the link to sign up for alerts and get notified about about anything new going on in UASD sports. In addition to getting alerts, you can also cast your vote on who you thinks deserves athlete of the month. Make sure you visit these are great new additions to our school’s website.


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