Feelings About Finals

Finals week, a time to be alive here at UHS! Hustling and bustling around trying to get everything done before the end of the nine weeks. Our upperclassmen are especially rushing around trying to make sure they get things done so they can graduate. It can be quite a stressful, nerve-racking, and exciting experience. We met up with a few students to see what feelings they were enduring more.

Our senior class students are experiencing a wave of emotions. They’re nearing the end of their high school career and almost all of them are ready for it to be complete! Delaney Davis saying, “Believe me, I’m thrilled to almost be done.” and Bryce Anderson saying, “I am excited to start new classes.” With the close though, they’re also experiencing high levels of stress. Shayna Mitchell saying, “Stressed is an understatement” and David Stephenson saying, “Finals week got my tummy hurting.” Nonetheless they’re all handling it like champs!

The junior class is also very stressed. Many of them are taking multiple AP classes and they’re feeling the pressures of that. Bridget White saying “Finals are HORRIBLE!”, Karsyn Lucy saying “I cannot do it.”, Colby Voyten saying “I am stressed and confident I will fail” Caroline Arison saying “If my grades drop any lower I will get kicked out of my AP classes” and Catherine Wallace concluding with “Please cancel finals.” To all the juniors feeling this way, we here at tomahawk talk believe in you! And wish everyone good luck and happy final taking!

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