Upward Bound’s Service Learning Projects

Every year Upward Bound’s Bridge Students conduct a service learning project which is another word for charity. This charity project normally goes  to a company that helps someone in need such as the Red Cross or Salvation Army, or sometimes we stay local with such as Fayette Friends or a food bank.

Our summer projects normally start week 2 of our summer session. Our bridge students, who are graduated high school students soon to be college freshman handle the service learning project.

As they start a week before regular high students, they plan all kinds of charity events. For example we have 5k walk around Cal U’s campus. Every year there is a decade dance, with a bake sale or we do an coffee shop/ art show and auction off peoples art to raise money. Our famous and traditional fundraiser is “Penny Wars.” All proceeds earned go to whatever the cause is of that year.

Over the last few years, the Summer Academy of 2016 raised the most money for animal shelter both in Greene and Fayette County.

Totals of each summer since 2011 to 2015

2011 – American Red Cross  for Joplin, MO = $1,098

2012- Hands and Feet Ministries, Brundl, Africa (worm vaccination for 100 children two times) = $1,456.91

2013 – American Red Cross  and the Son Rise Children’s Home in Argentina = $2,237.29

2014 – American Red Cross, the Pittsburgh Branch = $1,334.29

2015 – Corner Cupboard Food Pantry (Greene County) & Community Action Food Bank (Fayette County) = $1,565

A total of $7,692.11 in 5 years!


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