The United States Army Heritage and Education Center is located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and they are dedicated to preserving and telling the United States Army’s history. They have a museum at USAHEC, and they also have the Heritage Trail. On the Heritage Trail, is tanks, helicopters, barracks, and trenches to portray the different wars the army served in. USAHEC, also always has events taking place either on the trail, or in the museum.

In the museum there are different artifacts that individual soldiers have used from different wars and time periods. Right now, they have a big World War One display, since the treaty that ended the Great War happened 100 years ago. They have uniforms, and mortars that were used in WWI on display now. They also have artifacts in the museum from famous Generals that were in different wars. USAHEC is also part of the National Archives, and they store important maps and documents.

The Heritage Trail at USAHEC has all the different time periods of the U.S. Army. They have World War Two style barracks, and a Revolutionary War fort. The trail covers everything from the French and Indian War, all the way up to the present day Army tanks. You can learn more about USAHEC on

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