USS Lexington Found

On March 4th the wreckage of the USS Lexington was found sunk on the bottom of the Coral Sea, about 500 miles off the coast of the Australia. Paul G Allen’s crew were the guys who found the aircraft carrier. “To pay tribute to the USS Lexington and the brave men that served on her is an honor,” said Paul Allen. “As Americans, all of us owe a debt of gratitude to everyone who served and who continue to serve our country for their courage, persistence and sacrifice.”
The USS Lexington was originally commissioned as a battle cruiser, but was then launched as an aircraft carrier in 1925. The Lexington took part in The Battle of the Coral Sea with the USS Yorktown, and they were up against three Japanese carriers. This was the first aircraft carrier vs. aircraft carrier battle in history.

On May 8th of 1942 the Lexington was hit by multiple torpedoes, and bombs. It was a secondary explosion though that called for abandon ship. Then the USS Phelps fired a torpedo to sink Lady Lex to the bottom of the ocean, so the Japanese couldn’t get a hold of the carrier. This would be the first aircraft carrier to sink in American history. Although it went down with 216 crew members, 2,770 crewman and officers were saved.

Here are some pictures of the new exploration:

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