UT Academic League crushes Albert Gallatin & Carmichaels

Last Wednesday, January 23rd, the Uniontown Academic league teams, both varsity and junior varsity, took a major win over Albert Gallatin and Carmichaels at Penn State, Fayette campus. The varsity team beat AG 58-22 and Carmichaels 46-45, while the junior varsity team beat AG 43-23 and Carmichaels 52-22. Both teams remain undefeated coming into their 4th match.

We recently spoke to a few members of the varsity team to get their opinions on their winning streak. “I’m very proud to be apart of this, I mean, it’s the best we’ve ever done, in my opinion. We beat Carmichaels, which is a huge deal seeing they’re our strongest competitor” – Brody Smith, sophomore. “It’s pretty cool. The other teams are respectful as well, which is nice to see.” – Luke Patton, senior. Luke and Brody led the varsity team to a close, intense victory Wednesday, beating Carmichaels by one point. Brody also spoke about some of the members, and how vital they are to the team. “Luke is very good at pretty much everything, I don’t know what we would do without him.  Alyssa Holt is our literature go-to. For myself, I’d say my strongest field of knowledge is stuff that people wouldn’t usually know, like trivia.” said Brody.

As for the junior varsity team, we asked about some of the upcoming challenges that they might be facing. We spoke to Nolan Ranker, Carson McClintock, and Andrew Schoener, all juniors. “Uh, well, seeing we’re undefeated, I’m more worried about how prepared the other teams are compared to us rather than the actual questions we’ll be asked.” said Carson. “I’m not really worried so much about the other teams’ level of preparedness. I do think, however, that we should all work on our individual skills.” said Andrew. As for Nolan, he seems to be embracing the winning streak, saying “we are going sicko mode”, expressing his excitement for the next meet. Their next match will be on February 6th, facing off against the top schools.

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