Visit the Capitals of the British Isles in 2020

The world is a book, and those who do not travel only read one page” – St. Augustine

 In June of 2020 students, family, and friends of Uniontown High School have the chance to travel to the Capitals of the British Isles – including Stone Henge and Paris. An international trip does seem daunting – from the financials, to traveling so far from home – but we have two fantastic teachers to help you through every step of the way. Mrs. Gartley and Mrs. Thomas planned this trip with the current students in mind: current freshman, this trip will take place between your junior and senior year; current sophomores, it will be the summer after your senior year, so it would be a fantastic senior trip.  But current juniors and seniors, do not worry! You are still welcome to join this trip as a break from the “real” world.

This past summer (2017) a trip was taken to England, France, and Amsterdam and a few of the participants are still current students at UHS. When asked about their experiences students were full of positive memories of the trip:

It was a phenomenal cultural experience, and a once in a lifetime experience at that. Being able to travel around Europe in a group was a bonding experience, and an experience overall worth every cent and every second.” – Annastazya Bachman Miller ’19

It was great because I did not have to worry about planning – there was always something planned to do. We were with other schools so I got to meet new people, and have a ton of new experiences that I hadn’t expected to enjoy.”- Hailey Younkin ’18

“I feel like I experienced it to the fullest because I always felt safe. We were with experienced people who knew how to make the most of this trip.” – Emma Holt ’18

“I had a wonderful time touring England, France, and Amsterdam. I enjoyed England the most and would love to go back there some day soon. It was great seeing all of the landmarks, hearing about historical events,and visiting museums and castles. The architecture was amazing, we had an awesome guide that told great stories, we learned so much more than if we were to travel there on our own. The stop in Normandy was a very moving experience, as well as touring the Anne Frank House. I am so grateful that I had this amazing opportunity to go to Europe. Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. Gartley were so much fun!”  – David Eitner ’18

” I know a school trip sounds lame and who wants to learn over the summer? But, once the plane lands and you step off in a foreign country, you don’t even realize you’re learning anymore. It’s an amazing trip that will make memories that will last a lifetime.” – Marissa Newman ’18

Do not let fear hold you back from this amazing experience. The key to a trip like this is to plan ahead and ask for help. Finances are daunting, but it could be as simple as asking family members for money toward this trip instead of receiving gifts. Take it from Mrs. Gartley who “never had the opportunity to travel when I was a young person. My first opportunity was when I was 45 years old and since then I have been to Europe seven times, and I can’t wait to go back.” If this is an opportunity that sparks your interest at all, go see Mrs. Thomas or Mrs. Gartley to talk about the possibilities, or visit the tour website for more details with our tour number 2045807YN. Mrs. Thomas said it perfectly – “it is one thing to sit in a French class, but it is another to be in Paris, climbing the Eiffel Tower, seeing the Mona Lisa in person, and ordering in a French Cafe.”

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