Vo-Tech Cosmetology Clinic

Thursday evenings we have clinic at the Vo-tech school. The cosmetology students preform the services for the clients that come in. This is a good way for the students to learn how to talk to clients when they come in, book appointments and how to help them preform the services. Our cosmetology teacher stays with us after school and helps any of the students that need help. Our clinic hours are from 3pm-7pm. We preform services such as pedicures, hair color, cuts, formal up-dos, manicures and facials. To book a service all you need to do is contact the tech or whoever you want to provide your service and they can make your appointment.

I really like this because it helps us get extra hours that go towards our cosmetology license. I currently need a little less than 100 hours and total we need 1250. I love when i get clients that come in and not really sure what they want because that gives me a chance to help them decide what they want and use a little bit of my creativity. My favorite thing to is hair color. i love to color hair because i feel like its one of the most dramatic changes. I also love to do other things as well. I always try and stay for clinic so I can work on clients and build a clientele. Book your appointments with me for Thursdays at Vo-tech!

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