Volunteer At An Animal Shelter

There are a lot of companies and small businesses that are suffering during this pandemic. Small businesses that are often forgotten are the animals shelters. They rely on donations, adopters, and volunteers to stay in business. This is the perfect time to foster, adopt, or volunteer. Most animal shelters are allowing volunteers to walk dogs, play with cats, and help with feeding the animals. You can maintain social distancing while walking dogs because there won’t be anyone else around you besides the dogs. You also must wear a mask and gloves while at the shelter at all times. Thus, making it safe to do so.

Walking dogs not only helps the shelter but it also can be a great way to relieve stress and boredom brought on by the pandemic. The “South Boston Animals Hospital” did a study on stress and dogs. They have proven that dogs can help reduce stress and improve your mood. You can’t forget about the cats! They need love too. Most cats are kept in large rooms in groups of 40. They love attention and love to play. Sitting in a room full of cats sounds relaxing, doesn’t it?

You also can’t forget about fostering and adopting. There are so many loving dogs and cats in shelters that need a home. You should consider adopting or fostering an animal. Most of us have a lot of time on our hands and having a furry friend might make it less boring. I think this is a perfect way to help out small businesses while practicing social distancing. This is a safe and fun way to get through quarantine.

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