Volunteer Trail Clean-Up Day

If you enjoy visiting Ohiopyle State Park, then you could help them out by chipping in, and clean the park. On Saturday May 4th, there are a couple groups of people, and volunteers who are sponsored by the Friends of Ohiopyle (FOO). You can also find out more about it, and other things that are coming up in Ohiopyle, on their calendar of events.. You can also help out in the clean up, or go to their website www.friendsofohiopyle.info to find out more.

Ohiopyle State Park, holds a lot of important pieces of early American history that tells the story of our nation, and it provides rest and recreation, and Ohiopyle has a past to many conflicts. When other nations of American Indians migrated though the area, as the result of new increasing Europe population. The name Ohiopyle or “Ohiopehelle” is believed to derived from a combination of Native American words, and it means “white, frothy water”. The park also was in a battle during the French and Indian War. George Washington came with 150 soldiers to fight the French, when he arrived in Confluence, Pennsylvania, he tried to find an easier travel route by river, but the falls were impassible on his way to Pittsburgh, but then he encountered a group of French soldiers, and he built Fort Necessity to await the French retaliation. When the French arrived they were overwhelming, and Washington surrendered “the French and Indian War had begun”, but the two British armies had cut through, and defeated the French. Ohiopyle was also famous for its railroads that brought tourist, but after a while they left the area to let everything grow again, because of how much wood they got from the park during the 1870s and 1880s, and they had to tear down some buildings too.

Ohiopyle is also a wonderful place to visit, and to do many things. In the park you can go hiking, fishing, hunting, picnicking, and more. They also have businesses like state park concessions, conservation explorer, forest productions, and more . The park also has education opportunities, like discover wildlife education. The park is also home to amazing rivers. They also have more information about the rivers on their Ohiopyle State Park website.

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