Voting is Vital

Over the course of history the United States has prided itself on its fundamental ideal of free speech. This concept allows every citizen to decide for themselves how they see the world. Nobody can punish or hurt them because of the way that they think. As Americans it is our job to utilize that right by voting in elections. This way our voices and ideas will be heard in a place where power is held. Now more than ever a vote could change the course of an election.

By silencing your own voice you are giving away your power to sway a decision how you see fit. Every vote cast is going to further support your chosen candidate. Waiting at home and hoping for the best is not going to fix problems you want solved. As soon as you are of age your opinion holds even more value and it is important to express that in every way you can. The privilege of voting should be enough to bring you to the polls.

Submitting your vote is just as vital an element of having the right of free speech. By voting you are further supporting that first amendment right that was institutionalized so many years ago. The words of the people are best heard through a ballot. By backing up what we believe in, it will not be long until we change the world. Do not ever minimize the importance of voting.

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