We Did This To The Amazon

The Amazon wild fires are becoming a very big problem, and we are to blame. These fires are man-made, and they’re mostly caused from the process called slash-and-burn. Slash-and-burn is when we clear land for farming, livestock, logging, and mining.

Wild fires happen every year in the amazon from July to October. By August 23rd there were 39,194 wildfires reported. By August 29th 8,000 fires have reportedly broken out all over Brazil. This a 85% increase from 2018. This is the worst the wildfires have been since 2013. The smoke is so bad you can see it from space.

The fires are still very active. United States President Donald Trump stated, ” Brazil is fighting the wildfires with great success.” He has also said ” The US has stood ready to assist fighting the fires.” Bolivia president Evo Morales has even contracted a device called the Boeing 747 ” Supertanker” This device is able to hold 30,000 gallons of water in flight to put out the devastating fires.

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The amazon serves as the planets lungs. They take in a lot of carbon dioxide. With all of the wildfires the amount of carbon dioxide has spiked. The fires can accelerate climate change even more . We as people cannot take more devastation to our planet. We need to make a change to keep our future generations from suffering from the devastation we have created.

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