Weekly Horoscope: April 3- April 7


You could be getting some serious mixed messages this week. But with the planet of practicality, Saturn, going into a long retrograde Thursday, you will have to reassess some of your big-picture goals and dreams in the next few months. An exciting opposition between the sun in your sign and generous Jupiter on Friday starts your weekend with lots of confidence and optimism. You could even meet someone special. Just take things very slow and steady.


This week is full of meaningful breakthroughs and epiphanies. This is an epic opportunity to make big changes or decisions. Trust your gut, even if you had originally thought you wanted something else. Friday is a fantastic work day. Troubled friendships or work relationships are put to the test this weekend. Evaluate if your loyalty has truly been earned.


This week is about reappraising and reassessing both work and relationship matters.  You have been through a lot in this area over the past two years, and over the next few months, you can fully process what has happened, as well as what you want for the future. You could meet someone new and exciting through friends Friday, a wonderful day for socializing. But Saturday’s harsh aspects will remind you that fairy tales have trouble standing up to reality.


This week is full of smoke and mirrors, and mixed messages. You have been trying to figure out some long-term work situations and you may just be ready to pull the trigger. And while Friday’s glowing opposition between the sun and generous Jupiter will have you full of enthusiasm, Saturday’s testy aspect reveals that a certain person or opportunity isn’t all you thought they or it would be.


It’s important to balance enthusiasm and practicality this week. Wednesday is a fantastic career day when so much of what you have worked for is seen and admired by others. Big opportunities or changes could be in store! Travel- and communications-related projects shine this weekend. Just be cautious when it comes to the details, especially financial matters.


Practice cautious optimism this week, Virgo. There have been a lot of developments in your personal and professional relationships over the past few months, and this week could feel like you are finally getting a sense of the big picture.  Good financial news arrives Friday. But there may be strings attached. Love is confusing this weekend, so trust your instincts and read between the lines.


Resist the urge to rush or get ahead of yourself this week, Libra. Some powerful, emotional breakthroughs Wednesday could prompt you into wanting to pull the trigger on an important personal matter. An energizing opposition between the sun and generous Jupiter on Friday is a prime time for meeting new people, so be open to exciting new connections. But with your ruler, magnetic Venus, still in retrograde and making some testy aspects over the weekend, just make sure you have all the facts before agreeing to anything.


This week is a delicate dance of when to apply pressure and when to pull back. Wednesday is the best day to cement a personal or professional relationship, or meet someone new who blows your mind. So get out and about. Some exciting work news could arrive out of the blue Friday and you’ll be ready to celebrate. But things could be considerably more complicated than they first appear, so go slowly.


There may be a fair amount of drama this week that temporarily derails all the exciting progress you have been making. Wednesday is the best day of the week when your practical abilities and skills can earn you a boost to your income. Friday is full of optimism and a friend could even introduce you to a new love interest. But Saturday’s tense aspects warn you to be cautious when it comes to matters of the heart.


Some surprises are in store this week. Wednesday is a fantastic day when you can put some big plans into action. Be bold and strategic. Friday is a big day when you could get great news about a family or career matter. Dreams are coming true! But tread carefully this weekend since people are overemotional and things could get blown out of proportion.


Avoid the urge to make hasty decisions this week. Your instincts are on point Wednesday when you have a hunch about something and could have you feeling like you need to take action now. But tense aspects this weekend remind you that the instability of others is reason enough to continue gathering information and not pull the trigger just yet.


Go slow and steady this week, especially where work in concerned. Wednesday is a great day for socializing, and you could meet new friends or coworkers who will be important in your life. Get out and meet new people! Look at it as a chance for improvement. Good financial news Friday could perk you up; just don’t get carried away on a shopping spree. Intense aspects this weekend could leave you feeling drained, so take good care of yourself.


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