Weekly Horoscope: May 14- May 20


You will be blown away by the magic that is lining up behind the scenes this week. You have been pondering lots of deep questions recently and you will gain clarity in no uncertain terms. You will feel on top of the world this weekend! The sun slides into Gemini on Saturday, so treat yourself to a whimsical indulgence.


This is a five-star week for love and relationships, so get ready to heat up with your boo or meet someone who blows you away.  Especially since romantic Venus opposes lucky Jupiter in your zone of true love also on Friday. You could meet the lucky someone through friends or online. The sun moves into your sign Saturday, turbocharging your energy and confidence. Enjoy!


There has been so much back and forth recently, especially with work stuff, that you may be totally disoriented at this point. But the good news is that you will get the answers you are looking for loud and clear this week — finally!  This is the chance you have been waiting for! And with the sun moving into your zone of intuition Saturday, you will know instinctively just how to navigate the situation.


You are a visionary and this week, a creative project or idea that is dear to your heart will take off in a major way. A gorgeous and rare trine from visionary Uranus to pragmatic Saturn on Friday shows that all of your hard work and originality are paying off. And you will get an amazing reception from everyone, since loving Venus opposes exuberant Jupiter on Friday as well. This is the time to give birth to your big ideas! And celebrate this weekend with friends or a quick trip.


Your patience and dedication are paying off in spades. Financial matters have been a bit wobbly recently but everything smooths out after your ruler, verbal Mercury, moves into pragmatic Taurus on Tuesday. Also on Friday, loving Venus opposes lucky Jupiter, so look for the news to be even bigger and better than you hoped! It’s a perfect weekend to celebrate by indulging in your favorite things. And with the sun moving into buzzy Gemini on Saturday, everyone around is taking notice that you are killing it too!


Whatever type of drama or unpredictability you have been dealing with recently, it will finally subside this week and things will work out in your favor! Love could spout with someone from your neighborhood or at a party. The sun moves into multitasking Gemini on Friday and puts you in the mood to travel in the next few weeks.



Work matters are falling into place perfectly this week, and you will be ever so grateful and relieved! And an opposition from loving Venus to lucky Jupiter means a VIP will help you out from behind the scenes. The sun moves into bright Gemini on Saturday and gets you in touch with your most passionate side.


Love is in the air! Things have been all over the place recently but some lightning bolts will let you know you’re on the right track now.  If you have been seeing someone you like, it could be time to lock things down. The sun moves into your opposite sign of Gemini on Saturday, paving the way for a super social and fun month.


This is one of those fantastic weeks when the cosmos is in a merciful mood and just wants us to kick back and have fun. On Tuesday, communicative Mercury moves into steady Taurus, and helps you to feel energized and focused on your creativity. After so many recently delays, you are officially back in your groove! And an opposition from generous Jupiter to luxurious Venus is all about BIG love. The only problem is that you may get overindulgent! The sun moves into multitasking Gemini on Saturday and sets you up for a new routine in the coming weeks.


You are on the go and loving life! There has been a big focus on your home life recently and you have been making and then remaking certain plans. Also on Friday, an opposition from generous Jupiter to loving Venus means this weekend is all about fun and indulgence! The sun moves into your house of true love and entertainment Saturday. Summer starts early for you!


You may get some surprises this week but they will be of the very best kind! Also on Friday, an opposition between lucky Jupiter and romantic Venus could indicate a financial windfall or an exciting new love connection. Or both! So have fun this weekend. And motivate yourself for another round of spring cleaning after the sun moves into your home zone Saturday.


Life is finally getting good, Aries — really good!  A gorgeous and rare trine from unpredictable Uranus in your sign to pragmatic Saturn will give you the solid ground you need to go after your biggest and wildest dreams. This is what you have been waiting for! Also on Friday, romantic Venus opposes lucky Jupiter in your zone of relationships and is a major chance for love. So get out and mingle this weekend. Especially since the sun moves into fun-loving Gemini on Saturday.

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