Weekly Horoscope: October 1st-7th


Thursday’s full moon in Aries adds extra stress and obligations to all aspects of your life. People expect a lot of you, and they may not have voiced exactly what you’re supposed to be doing, leaving you feeling confused, annoyed, and overwhelmed. This is especially evident at work. Instead of feeling resentful, it may be best to get in front of the issue: Schedule a conversation to talk about expectations, and make sure everyone is on the same page regarding obligations and deliverables. And make sure to look up from your work, too. A lot of opportunities, both social, and professional, are buzzing around you, but it’s up to you to grab them!


Luscious Venus sweeps through your sign, making some lovely aspects that signify some major movement in your relationships. In the days leading up to Thursday, someone from the past or “just a friend” may make contact with you, regardless of your relationship status. Single? The ball’s in your court. Attached? Make sure you’re both on the same page; conversations may get steamy too fast, paving the way for misunderstanding and uncertainty. Thursday’s full moon brings up some big relationship questions. Listen to your gut. If it says it’s not the right time to talk them through, don’t. Things will be clearer next week. This weekend is all about getting sh*t done. It may not be fun, but you’ll feel so good at the start of next week.


You may feel like your home life is under a magnifying glass this week, with every decision being questioned and second-guessed by those close to you. Take a deep breath and talk through any frustrations; conversation is key to the lasting, positive change that you’ve been wanting for ages. Or just get out of the house for a bit. The stars say that your social life is especially sparkling this week, especially on Thursday, as the full moon cranks up your confidence and ambition. Planning a party? Now’s the week to do it. Don’t overthink the guest list and let people bring their friends—the mix of people is just the shakeup you need.


Ow, Crabs, you’ve been hard on yourself these past few weeks. Time to lighten up, forgive yourself, and move on. We all make mistakes, and the way you’ve been holding on to yours is downright self-punishing. Try a ritual (like this fall equinox one) to help you recalibrate and be able to take the next step forward. And stop taking yourself so seriously! Try a fun challenge, like visiting a new coffee shop every day of the week, or waking up early to draw, meditate, or even watch a TV show. The more you take care of yourself, the more you’ll regain that Cancer confidence!


Lions, you’ve got your hustle going on! Money may seem to be flowing in—but it’s also flowing out just as quickly. Taking a hard look at the numbers (not your favorite thing!) will pay off in the long run. Thursday’s full moon may make you feel extra generous, and if you want to buy a present for someone in your life (looking for a Libra? Check this gift guide!) make sure you can afford it! And remember: Love is free. You may love luxury, but learning how to woo people with free gifts, like your time, attention, and energy, is a lifelong lesson.


Family drama takes center stage this week, and there’s no ducking, covering, or avoiding. You’ve got to go through this and have a conversation. (Freaked out? Check out how Virgos can overcome fear!) Write down your points beforehand, and make a plan to table the convo if it gets too emotional on either end. Your innate sense of diplomacy will prevail and having this conversation will actually make you feel much better, even if it does take a few sessions to work through. Also, think about the long game: What do you really want? Compromise is possible, but in order for it to be achieved, you have to let go (a bit) of being “right.”


A positive focus in your sign cranks up your self-confidence and makes you want to share your thoughts with the world. Do it! You tend to self censor, waiting until you have a sense of what other people want. This week, as an experiment, just blurt it out (unless your observations will hurt someone’s feelings). You may find that being spontaneous is a huge improvement! You’ve been dealing with a pretty weighty issue and have kept it quiet these past few months from everyone in your life. Talk it through. You don’t have the answers, and neither does your friend, but talking through the issue will be a weight off your shoulders and give you new things to consider when tackling the problem.


An intense aspect early in the week makes you feel almost obsessive about one thing (or person) in your life. It’s not a bad thing, but keep it in check, or else some things on the back burner will suffer. Your social life is a welcome distraction, and the full moon on Thursday is a great day to take a chance on someone new. Invite an acquaintance out for coffee, go on a date, or just head solo to a cafe and see what happens. The stars say you’re due for a shakeup, and the best way to orchestrate a (positive!) one in your life is to get out of your routine and talk with new people. In other words: Get out of your shell and see what’s going on around you, Scorpio!


Can everything just slow down for a second? That’s how you’re feeling this week, Archers. Opportunities are coming from all directions, and while many are welcome, they’re also overwhelming. You may feel like you need a minute. Guess what? The world won’t give that time to you. It’s up to you to implement some self-care rituals, like a long bath or a sweaty workout class, (find the best workout for Sags!) that will quiet the noise in your head and allow you to figure out what you want to do. This week, don’t be swayed by others’ opinions when it comes to your professional and romantic lives; it’s essential that your own voice is the one you tune in to when it comes to making decisions in those areas of your life.


You love your comfort zone, Caps. But you’re also feeling the urge to move on. To stay or to go … that is the question, and that’s the question that’s been tormenting you all summer long. So what’s the answer? To figure it out, ask yourself if you’re running away from something or running toward something new. The answer will give you some intel into next steps. And while you love your family, the conversations you’ve been having with them lately may have made it even harder to figure out what you want. For the next week, keep the family conversations superficial and tune deep, deep, deep into yourself. You deserve it.


The full moon ignites a full blown case of wanderlust in Aquarians. But before you pack your bags, get some nagging tasks at home done. Postponing them until later will only end up hurting you and diminishing your enjoyment of the trip. No way to get out of town? Figure out a way you can give yourself vacation vibes this week, even if it’s just walking around your house in your bathing suit. You need a break, so figuring out how to relax is key this week. With that in mind, be selfish. Putting yourself first pays off this week. Remember that!


You’ve been on fire these past few weeks in trying to achieve a goal, but now, naysayers are standing in your way. Instead of getting frustrated, put yourself in their shoes and listen to their doubts: There may be a kernal of truth in their criticism. This is a building week, and it’s essential to pay attention to fine points, especially regarding finances. It may be boring and tedious, but making sure the little things are checked off and taken care of gives you the time and energy to focus on the big things. It may feel like you’re running in place, but these small motions add up. In the meantime, add in plenty of time for self care—it’ll keep you from feeling too frustrated or overwhelmed.



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