Weekly Horoscope: October 8th-14th


What a year it’s been! You’ve conquered some of the most powerful personal changes in your life since September 2016 while mighty planet Jupiter began its tour of luck and spiritual awakenings through Libra. On October 10th, Jupiter enters Scorpio and will provide you with the experiential framework to apply and embody the lessons you’ve learned from this year passed. The blessings will continue if you locate the most authentic and service-oriented value systems that strengthen your self worth for the year ahead.


Scorpio, the year ahead has your name shining brightly in the Universe’s lights everywhere. Lucky you! After a messy year of endings, surrender, and grief, Jupiter in Scorpio begins on October 10th to lift your life to maximum creative possibility. This transit repeats every 12 years so this is a timely, big deal! Jupiter bestows success, luck, prosperity, and wisdom in its orbit and Scorpio will receive these blessings abundantly. The best way to maximize this year long opportunity is to begin with offering forgiveness, closure, gratitude, and mercy to the year passed.


Spirituality and Sagittarius appear together in the archetype of the zodiac sign. The Sagittarius centaur aims upward, looking to the divine, spiritual wisdom from the Heavens to understand what’s best for all of humanity on Earth. On October 10th, Jupiter — Sagittarius’ ruling planet of success, luck, and abundance — enters Scorpio and helps the Sagittarius born look up, look within, and find a deeper loyalty to their spiritual source for the year. It’ll begin spiritual breakthroughs where Sagittarius retreats from chaotic worldly experiences and studies more otherworldly principles of love, forgiveness, and specific metaphysical concepts that strengthen their role within the physical world. Consider a retreat, dream journal-ling, or learning a metaphysical tool — like astrology! That will help you make sense of your current experiences with higher wisdom.


A loner no longer, Capricorn, when Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 10th and inspires you to climb a new uncharted mountain where radical collaboration, alignment with the collective, and intimate connections with the group you identify with at home, work, or with friends help you locate the material gains your psyche craves. Jupiter brings success and abundance joyously so Capricorns will find their highest understanding of success through social connection, activism, and lending your leadership to problem solve on large scale. You’d do anything for anyone you love but breaking down Capricorn’s walls is an undertaking for the even the most Saint like among us. Consider being more proactive in social spaces to get to know others and work hard to make more generous assumptions about people’s intentions. Ask meaningful questions. Take time to listen to other’s people’s stories this year with the understanding that the more you show up to listen to and serve the collective, the higher the reward from the infinitely powerful Universe will be for you.


Is it status you seek, Aquarius? Your air sign is often un-phased by worldly systems of hierarchy, classification, and labeling but on October 10th, Jupiter — the mighty planet of success and prosperity – begins a year long tour in uplifting your standing and status in very public places like school or work. Promotions, diplomas, and higher accolades can and will be yours, Aquarius, over the next year which will strengthen your legitimacy in the places than lean on it. Take necessary steps to be more proactive towards inviting that specific dialogue in your existential circumstances where you’d like to advance so the powers that be know your intention to succeed. Straight talk leads to straight understanding so put your fears of “What will they think?” and playing it small aside. It’s your year to rise, Aquarius. But you must take the lead.


The two fish in the Pisces symbol will represent two keywords this year — optimism and expansion. When Jupiter — the mighty planet of success and prosperity — enters Scorpio on October 10th, Pisces will feel the urge to move forward towards intellectual expansion, optimistic self-belief, and generous assumptions about the larger collective. Your water sign soul understands the heart beautifully but this year is about understanding the mind and heart. Our thoughts are causative, Pisces, so choose carefully the thoughts that improve your life. Consider gratitude lists, picking up writing opportunities, or returning to school to feel a greater sense of academic and intellectual nourishment.


Aries! Lucky planet Jupiter, who expands success and opportunity wherever he jollies off to, begins a year long expansion adventure on October 10th into Aries’ private zone of authenticity, commitment, financial merging, and counseling. The way to rigorously earn this year’s bountiful rewards is to dig deep into how you define what these values mean in your own life and in your closest relationships. I promise with proper consideration and execution of topics, your psychological and emotional skills in relationship will skyrocket you and your loved ones to success.


Taurus, your love life is about to get a whole lot sweeter! The Great Beneficial Jupiter who bestows success wherever he goes will begin a year long love story on October 10th in your zone of relationship and committed partnership. Single? Then do your best to rid yourself of past relationship trauma and fears so you can show up to this year long transit with full glory and availability. Holding present partners prisoner to the sins of partners passed is so 2016.  Your generosity will level up significantly and you’ll feel more compromising than ever. No more unyielding, stubborn Taurus stereotypes!


Gemini, the Devil or God is in the details this year! Depending on your resistance or support for proactive strategies towards organization and responsibility in your life. Mighty Jupiter who brings cosmic companionship and blessings wherever he goes begins an improvement adventure this year in your zone of health, wellness, work, attention to detail, and self-improvement. Reflect on your current life situations and locate simple, practical strategies that allow you to easily manifest big picture dreams because you took care of small picture details. Perhaps you’ll want to wake up an hour early to catch up on your assignments? Buy a bigger agenda/planner? Or sign up for a gym membership? There’s no shortage of affordable resources to help you feel less powerless in time management


Cancer, stop what you’re doing and take off the Crab shell. Put it away somewhere it can’t be found for a year because on October 10th mighty Jupiter will begin a year long transformation tour in your zone of emotional exposure, courage, and charisma. In slight moderation of course, make joy the bottom line of every thought, emotion, dialogue, and decision you make in the year ahead. So you’ll find the positive outcomes you’re looking for on the personal and interpersonal level. The cosmic spotlight will shine from within you so don’t play it small or hide your magical moonlight. Take all the risks when it comes to making your dreams come true and work towards opening yourself up safely in relationships so 2017-18 could prove one of the most emotionally fulfilling years you’ve experienced.


Leo, on October 10th, the way to your heart begins with the symbol of “home” when lucky planet Jupiter begins a year long makeover in you zone of domestic comfort, emotional security, mother figures, and family. Looking to move? You’ll be surrounded by cosmic companionship to help you find the right castle your royal self needs to feel safe and sound. If not, try experimenting with small or big scale home improvement projects, research into your genealogy, and/or strategies to strengthen bonds with family that could wind up rewarding you significantly. More blessings will come your way if you proactively make the decision to take on the role of emotional caretaker to someone who needs your healing. Seize every opportunity to demonstrate empathy and create the context for home and family to flourish because you’ll feel bountiful effects in your positive psychology.


Virgo, is your Mercury mind craving intellectual nourishment? Impeccable communication? Wait no longer for on October 10th, mighty Jupiter who joyfully expands success and abundance in his orbit, will electrify Virgo’s zone of consciousness, schooling, vocal communication, publication, and sales. You’re happiest when you’re in a high-minded sanctuary of learning so take full advantage this year of the Universe pushing you to begin sharpening your thought-forms, perhaps an overdue return to school, a pitching of your book’s manuscript, or the expansion of your business. We need our capable Virgo’s at full attention span this year to allow their brilliance to unfold and locate solutions to the world’s biggest problems. I can’t recommend a daily meditation practice enough to the children of Virgo so give the apps Calm or Headspace a test run for 3-6 weeks. I guarantee it won’t be a waste of your time. You’ll honor your need to be of service and uplift the world in the process of this Jupiter in Scorpio journey.



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