Weekly Horoscopes (February 14-February 20)


This is your week, Aquarius. You have been feeling strong and steady for the past few weeks, thanks to the sun in your sign. Don’t be afraid to flirt with a new acquaintance. On Friday, the sun moves into romantic Pisces and will help you prioritize your own needs first.


A lot of things are percolating behind the scenes now, Pisces.  The sun moves into your sign Friday. This is reason to celebrate. You will finally have some more clarity about which direction a major project is headed.


Fantastic new social connections are peppering your life with fun and excitement right now, but don’t forget to take some time for yourself as well.  And with the moon in curious Gemini on Monday and Tuesday, sign up for a book club or interesting lecture to meet new people. The sun moves into private Pisces on Friday and reminds you to just chill every now and then.


This week is a career high for you. The moon is in nurturing Cancer on Wednesday and Thursday, which makes it the perfect time to host a dinner party and reconnect with loved ones. On Friday, the sun enters dreamy Pisces. You will connect with new people who share your values and priorities.


Things will begin clarifying and falling into place for you this week, Gemini. The moon in your sign on Monday and Tuesday brings you some extra charm and savvy. The sun moves into Pisces and your zone of fame and success Friday. Lots of amazing work opportunities will unfold for you in the next month, so get ready for some excitement.


You have been low-key planning your next steps and things will become more clear after this week. It could also be the exact right time to take a breather from the social whirlwind, and get in touch with what you really need and want into your relationships. The moon in your sign Wednesday and Thursday makes you the belle of the ball. The sun moves into romantic Pisces on Friday, and some exciting travel adventures could materialize in the next few weeks.


Love is in the air, Leo! If you are still single, the next few weeks will be some of the best of the year to find love.  The sun moves into private Pisces on Friday and urges you to take care of yourself and tap into your innermost feelings.


Balancing work and your love life is a full-time job this week, Virgo. You are in a super creative zone in the office.  Don’t let anything distract you from your goals right now! But with the moon in nurturing Cancer on Wednesday and Thursday, you are also feeling like making some time for your BFFs. The focus turns to love Friday when the sun moves into your opposite sign of Pisces. In the next four weeks, you will meet someone who stirs you at a deep level.


You have a lot on your plate right now, Libra.The moon in playful Gemini on Monday and Tuesday makes it an ideal time to try something new and fun. The sun moves into intuitive Pisces on Friday and will help you to reach new levels of productivity at work. Do an early spring cleaning and you will feel so much better.


You have been putting all your ducks in a row and prioritizing your family and long-term goals. Things get lighthearted after Friday when the sun moves into your zone of true love and fun. The next four weeks will bring in some unexpected bliss.


This week is all about striking the right balance between being super social, and taking care of your family and long-term priorities. Organize that date you have been thinking about! The sun moves into privacy-loving Pisces on Friday, and you will want to rest and retreat a bit more this weekend.


You are putting some master plans into action right now. The moon in your opposite sign on Cancer on Wednesday and Thursday also adds an air of romance to this week. On Friday, the sun moves into mystical Pisces, and old friends and acquaintances will emerge out of the blue. Enjoy reconnecting with your past.


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