Weekly Horoscopes (February 21-February 27)


Your plans are falling into place this week, Aquarius. You have had a lot of energy and momentum recently and have been sowing the seeds for some exciting new endeavors.  Lean on your friends for support right now, and they will come through for you. And take a risk with something you believe in. You will feel very liberated.


This could be a very important week for you, Pisces. Monday’s full moon in your zone of relationships will illuminate some important alliances in your life. A VIP has your back, but read between the lines and feel the situation out. Follow your intuition and be bold Friday.


If you focus on the details this week, Aries, your big-picture plans will come nicely into focus. Monday’s full moon falls in your zone of daily work and routine, so reorganize your desk and streamline your routine this week. If you listen to the messages they are giving you Thursday, you can make a bold move Friday. Everyone is on your team this weekend, so gather the troops and have some fun.


You have been working hard recently, and this week is all about mixing business with pleasure. The full moon on Monday falls in your zone of love and fun. You are sparkling! But the news gets even better at the end of the week.  If you have been waiting to see where all this positive momentum would lead, you will find out soon enough.


This is a big week for you, Gemini! With the sun now in your zone of career, you are super focused on success. Take the Intel you receive from a trusted ally Thursday to make a bold but calculated move Friday.


Think outside the box this week, Cancer. The full moon on Monday falls in your zone of new ideas and information, and will bring you some enticing opportunities. Pay attention to the details, and you will be able to find a clever new strategy to employ for success. Friday will bring you some fabulous career news. Be open to change and you will be amazed by what will unfold.


This could be a lucrative week for you, Leo, especially if you are working in sync with your friends and allies. Monday’s full moon falls in your zone of money and income. Dream big when it comes to your creative projects, and go for what you want. This weekend is also an amazing weekend for a romantic getaway.


This could turn out to be one of your favorite weeks of the winter! Monday’s full moon is in your sign, making it one of your most romantic days of the year.But to get the most out of these fabulous aspects on Thursday and Friday, you should reconnect with what you truly want. Now that the world is your oyster, dig deep to make the most out of this exciting time.


This week is all about slowing down and making sure your plans are in line with your long-term goals and values. Things will fall into place at the end of the week when verbal Mercury in your zone of creativity makes very positive aspects. You can smooth over things in important relationships if you use your creativity to play peacemaker.


You’re a go-get-’em kind of person, but this week, you are better served to take it easy. Monday’s full moon in Virgo helps you to reconnect with close friends and groups you are associated with.  The key will be to show both practicality and innovation. Strategizing now will help you find big success in the next few weeks.


This is a fabulous week for you to make a big mark on the world. Monday’s full moon falls in your zone of fame, success, and career.  Show your audience that your ideas are both radical and workable, and you will win a slew of new fans.


Some exciting and unexpected developments are in store this week. The full moon on Monday lights up your house of adventure and travel.  On Friday, you will get another strong intuition about something related to your family. Reach out to your favorite cousin you never have a chance to catch up with.


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