Weekly Horoscopes (February 28-March 5)


This is a special week for you, Pisces. On Sunday, the sun unites with your ruler, mystical Neptune, making it one of the most inspiring days of the year. Spend time journaling and reflecting on what you want. Wait until next week to make major decisions.


If you have been on the fence with a major decision, then this is the week you will finally find clarity. Monday and Wednesday are both excellent days when you will be feeling high energy and have a lot of support for your plans. Be cautious financially Saturday when you could be torn in two directions. Wait for more info.


A very interesting and important relationship could form this week. Your red-hot career continues its streak this week as well, especially on Monday and Wednesday, so use you skills to maneuver things from behind the scenes. Watch and wait on Saturday when mixed messages could lead to confusion.


This is a major career week for you, Gemini. Monday and Wednesday are fabulous days when important relationships and alliances will be revealed. A work misunderstanding Saturday may cause some minor stress. But things will smooth out quickly when you both look at things from each other’s point of view.


A big-picture strategy and goal is coming into focus this week. You have been revising your vision about what you want, and this week, your instincts will confirm what feels right and what doesn’t.  A battle of wills Saturday may expose a difference of values between you and a friend. Don’t stress too much — once the details are clear, you will smooth things over.


You will get the most out of this week if you do a bit of soul-searching, Leo. You will realize that once you open up, everyone is there to help you, especially on Monday and Wednesday. Feelings are running high on Saturday, but don’t let other people ruffle your feathers.


Your love life is heating up right now and the dominoes start falling this week. Work is flowing very smoothly this week, especially on Monday and Wednesday, so be confident about voicing your opinion. Mixed messages are in the air Saturday, so don’t jump to conclusions.


A major work epiphany may arrive this week, Libra.  Your creativity (and your love life!) are on fire mid-week, so plan dates for Monday or Wednesday. Be cautious financially over the weekend when something that sounds fun could actually cost more than you are willing to spend.


This could be one of your most romantic weeks of the winter.  Monday will bring great financial news about a project you have been working on for ages. Try something outside the box Wednesday. Mixed messages Saturday could lead to hurt feelings. Be patient and trust that things will be resolved when tensions aren’t running so high.


You slowly have been adjusting your goals and changing directions when it comes to your home life and big-picture goals. Monday is a fantastic day to make announcements or start projects. And the mood is playful Wednesday, so hang with your squad and have a hump-day celebration. Trust your gut Saturday when there is some confusion in the air. Things will become clear soon enough.


You tend to be more practical, but you may have a downright mystical experience this week. Trust your gut about a financial matter that comes up Monday. Get out of your routine and do something spontaneous Wednesday. A misunderstanding with a friend Saturday will expose differences of opinion, but it will blow over quickly.


This could be one of your best weeks of the winter. You are unstoppable right now! A miscommunication with a teacher or superior at work could be stressful Saturday but will blow over just as quickly.



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