Weekly Horoscopes (January 17th – January 23rd)

Horoscopes for the week of January 17th through January 23rd.

Aquarius: You may have to rely on yourself a lot in the upcoming days, Aquarius. This isn’t really a problem for you though because you are able to get things done very efficiently when you want to. Just stay positive and it shouldn’t be difficult.

Pisces: Don’t let someone’s small minded ideas stop you from becoming or doing something great, Pisces. Be proud of your creativity because it will bring you great opportunities in the upcoming weeks. Focus on yourself and your own opinions because no one else know you like you do.

Aries: Give yourself a little break, Aries. You may be burnt out from an event that happened recently and you can’t stop thinking about it. Know that constantly overthinking the situation won’t change it, so stop wasting all your time thinking about it.

Taurus: Don’t drop one thing to focus on another, Taurus. Another opportunity may seem more enticing this week, but you have already come so far on another. Focus on one thing at a time. That opportunity may still be there when you complete your first one, so pursue it then. If not, let it go because it wasn’t meant to be.

Gemini: You may be feeling pressured to defend a decision you made in the past, Gemini. This is okay, but you may be feeling a change of heart and no longer have the same opinions as you did originally. Instead of defending something you no longer believe, just admit to how you are feeling now so you can remain as happy as possible.

Cancer: You may think you have this week completely planned out Cancer, but don’t forget to allow room for unexpected changes that might occur. Being flexible with your schedule may help with avoiding the stress that’s bound to come with such a strict schedule.

Leo: Your imagination and creativity may be running a little wild this week, Leo. But with so much going on in your life, these ideas may be frustrating you. Try writing them down so that you are able to refer to them later rather than just letting them go and not being able to think them all the way through.

Virgo: You may be worried that someone doesn’t think you can be flexible with your schedule, Virgo. With so much going on this week it may not be the best time to prove it. You know what is best for you Virgo, so don’t let others tell you what you can and can’t do.

Libra: Everything may seem to be piling up for you this week, Libra. Do not let this stress you out, or nothing will be accomplished. Take on projects and work as they come to help eliminate some of it. By getting things done in a constructive manner you will feel more open to other opportunities that come your way.

Scorpio: You may wind up in a situation with a few people against you for some reason this week, Scorpio. This may upset you at first as its a very uncomfortable situation to be in. Try not to react immediately, as you may be feeling vulnerable which could make you lose your temper more easily.

Sagittarius: You may be feeling extremely confident this week, Sagittarius. While this could be a good thing, don’t let it cloud your vision and make you overlook small details in a big situation. Keep yourself in a down-to-earth mindset. This way, you’ll be able to pull off anything you’re trying very successfully.

Capricorn: You may be feeling very distracted recently, which isn’t really your style Capricorn. This could lead to you being somewhat off track with your usually tight schedule. Don’t panic, as these moments of feeling slightly more carefree could actually benefit you this week.

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