Weekly Horoscopes (January 24-January 30)

Horoscopes for the week of January 24th.

Capricorn : This could turn out to be quite a significant week for you, Capricorn. Mixing business with pleasure is one of your specialties and will pay off this week, especially on Thursday and Friday. Things will really come together Saturday when bright and powerful aspects show you the future is bright.

Aquarius : Everything is falling into place from behind the scenes this week.  Plant the seeds for a bright new vision Thursday. But Saturday is really this week’s five-star day when you can put your new plans into action. Keep your cards close to the vest, but you will see positive results sooner than you expect!

Pisces : You get a fresh burst of momentum this week, Pisces. You may have been feeling out of your place with a certain project or group of people for the past few weeks when Mercury in retrograde was sending mixed messages. The moon in your opposite sign of Virgo on Tuesday and Wednesday connects you to new allies and love interests! The ball really gets rolling Saturday when you get a piece of good news that puts you squarely in the driver’s seat!

Aries : Choices you make now are very important, Aries, especially at work.  Recruit allies for your plan Thursday and Friday when the moon is in your opposite sign of diplomatic Libra. Then strike while the iron is hot Saturday! Got for it and pull the trigger — you will be glad that you did.

Taurus : You have been reshaping a big goal or strategy, and this week, things finally feel like they are falling into place.  Embrace your creative vision when the moon is in detail-oriented Virgo on Tuesday and Wednesday. But Saturday is your best day of the week when an important new person comes into your life.

Gemini : An important work strategy is coming into focus this week, Gemini. It’s still best to be cautious and not shout your plans from the rooftops, but things are falling into place. Especially on Saturday, when a work situation goes from good to better. Opportunities now are very lucrative, so sharpen your skills and make a plan of attack.

Cancer : This is an important week, especially for your relationships.  If you have seen some less-than-stellar behavior, it may be time to cut the cord, especially since a better relationship is just around the corner. Alliances formed now are very important, especially around Saturday. Be open to someone blowing your mind!

Leo : Work changes are happening now and they may have a big impact. This week is a great time to set a new routine or schedule that works for you, and distance yourself from a toxic relationship with a coworker. The moon is in your sign Sunday and Monday, which brings you extra energy and momentum. Make a wise financial decision Saturday when you can turn lemons into lemonade.

Virgo : This could turn out to be an exciting week for your love life, Your ruler, verbal Mercury, has been retrograde for the past few weeks, sending you mixed messages with regards to love. Things will become more clear after Monday when Mercury goes direct. It may be time to move on from a situation that is not bringing you the happiness you deserve. Actions you take Saturday when Mercury unites with powerful Pluto will have a lasting impact, so weigh your decisions carefully. Trust your heart and your romantic instincts.

Libra : Things may be changing this week, especially regarding your home situation. If you have been thinking about moving or weighing your options for a change of scenery, this is the week when all your options become clear.  If your heart tells you it’s time for a change, then it probably is! Pull the trigger and commit to something different Saturday when Mercury unites with transformational Pluto.

Scorpio : This is one of those weeks where the cosmos gives everyone a break, and you will be the first to eagerly accept it! But don’t forget to take some time to just rest and recharge too. Between loving Venus and romantic Neptune on Saturday makes it an ultra-festive and romantic weekend! 

Sagittarius : This week is a good time to chill and take a breather.  And financial wrinkles will also be smoothed out. Thursday and Friday nights are super social and festive this week. Watch for an important brainstorm Saturday. Looking for long-term investments will yield big results. New income opportunities are coming your way!


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