Weekly Horoscopes (January 31-February 6 )


The past few weeks have been very important, and this week, the final pieces of the puzzle come together. Be careful that you don’t accidentally send the wrong messages Sunday when picky, sensitive types could overreact. The personal and financial decisions you make now may change your life in a major way.


Slow and steady wins this week, Aquarius. Your keen mind has been in overdrive the past few weeks, bringing you lots of sharp insights and intuition about what you want for the future. You like to stay in your mind, but this weekend, be honest about your emotions.


The focus is on friends and strategic alliances this week, Pisces. You are very independent but your success right now depends on your ability to work well with others and make sure everyone’s needs are being met.  A romantic spark is in the air on Saturday, so get out and socialize.


The past few weeks have been an exciting and transformational time at work. Major goals are being accomplished and new ones set into motion. These decisions and changes will affect your entire year ahead, so play your cards wisely at the beginning of the week. All eyes are on you this weekend, so enjoy it.


You have been back at the starting board recently, reworking your entire big-picture vision of your dreams and goals. And this week, some major progress is going to happen.  Insights, visions, and relationships that come to you now may be life-altering.


Determination and clarity are the keys to this week, Gemini. You have been focusing on something very important recently, and refining your strategy and approach.  You know in your heart what is right, so be fearless about proceeding accordingly.


This is a very important week for your love life and relationships! A lot has been churning up for you in that part of your life recently, and this week, you could finally have some clarity.  If you need to make changes or move in a new direction, now is the time to do it.


Major changes are under way in your work and daily life. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind, with changes happening that you may not feel you have had much control over.  Take care of your health and trust that when you feel like it’s time to make a big change, it probably is.


Brainstorm time. You have been firing on all cylinders recently and having some pretty major breakthroughs when it comes to just about all areas of your life. You will feel liberated if you have the strength to make bold moves.


You are making some pretty important decisions right now. Changes you have been considering making for the past few months are crystallizing and you could find yourself pulling the trigger and committing by the end of the week. Fresh revelations should be considered early in the week.


Play your cards close to the vest this week, Scorpio, and exercise your legendary patience and strategy. An alliance you form now could be life-changing, in a positive or negative way, so choose wisely. Loosen up your control this weekend and you may get a pleasant surprise.


Your finances are a main theme this week. If you have been renegotiating an important contract or working on a new line on income, this could be the week that everything finally comes together. There may be more drama than you want this weekend, but welcome surprises are also in store, especially in the love department, so be open to adventure.


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