Weekly Horoscopes (March 6 – March 12)


Get ready for fireworks, Pisces. Pay extra-close attention to your instincts Friday. And you will have even more clarity after loving Venus moves into your sign Saturday. A whole new chapter is starting, Pisces.


Slow down and pay attention to your feelings and instincts this week, Aries. You will get some important info Sunday that will help you prioritize your plans accurately. Your own feelings are more important than anyone else’s advice. This weekend, be open to coincidences or memories of the past that point you in the right direction for the future.


A new and powerful alliance may be taking shape this week. Your career has been on fire recently, and you have been meeting lots of people who share the same values and goals that you have. There is power in numbers, so find your tribe now, Taurus. And spend the weekend bonding with your peeps.


Lots of exciting work opportunities have been percolating, and this is the week that things will finally come to realization.  Just make sure your choices are in line with your long-term values. Alluring Venus move into Pisces on Saturday, and you will be the belle of the ball this weekend.


Get ready for an adventure, Cancer! You tend to like to stick to what’s familiar but your horizons are expanding in a major way right now, so embrace the unknown. By the weekend, others will be on board with your new vision as well. The sky is the limit, Cancer.


A whole new vision of life is emerging, Leo, so pay attention to your feelings. You have been in a zone recently, and if you have been considering making major changes, this is the week when everything will become clear. But keep your point of view under wraps for now and spend the weekend reflecting with only your most trusted confidantes.


This could be a pretty epic week for your love life, Virgo! A tense moment with a family member may stress you out Sunday but it could also just be a reminder to let sleeping dogs lie and not stir up the past. You could also sign the client of your dreams right now. This is one of your best weekend for love and fun, so hit the town.


Big changes in your work life are in store this week, Libra. You may get a piece of news that bums you out Sunday, but it’s better to have all the facts, even if you wish things were different.  You know what’s right, so just go with it. Now is also the time to schedule doctor’s appointments, especially if something has been bothering you. Clear your head and spend some time in the great outdoors this weekend.


This week is all about striking the right balance between doing what you know is right and going with the flow. You may be in the right when a disagreement pops up Sunday, but consider being flexible. If it’s a work victory that arrives, ride the wave of excitement; just be sure to share your glory with the team. Being clear is also important this week since there is a whimsical mood in the air.


Relax and give in to your more emotional and intuitive side this week. You like to think that you can muscle your way through anything with enough hard work and enthusiasm, but if something isn’t working, you will have clarity this week.  On Friday, you will get a clue about how to inform others of your choices. Don’t worry too much about anyone else, just be true to yourself right now.


This is an exciting week full of momentum and activity. You may have been feeling like something or someone was cramping your style recently, but now you will know exactly where you stand and how you want to move forward, thanks to the energetic new moon solar eclipse in your house of ideas and information Tuesday. You social life kicks into high gear this weekend, so hit up as many parties as you can and have a blast.


If you have been focusing on finances recently, this is the week when you will have a glimpse of exactly what the future holds. Seize the revelations you have now, and let them guide your choices about where to spend and where to save. If you are making a big investment, you will feel totally sure about what you want after alluring Venus moves into Pisces on Saturday.

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