What Happened On Your Worst School Day?

Everyone has bad days, but we still manage to make it through our school days. We all have entertaining stories about how our bad days went. So I asked a couple of students to tell me what happened to them on their worst day. I asked two seniors: Bryce Anderson and Shayna Mitchell. I also asked three juniors:Cassidy VanSickle, Kyle Fox and, Morgan Holloway

  • Bryce said “The day Torri(me) handed me a piece of paper with a dumb question on it.”
  • Shayna responded with, “Being “threatened” by girls who thought I did something that I obviously didn’t do. Oh well, they got in trouble for it so I win.”
  • Cassidy says, “In Kindergarten, I got my first and only card change because my teacher thought I was talking just to talk when I was really just asking for a pencil.”
  • Kyle said,”The day that I broke my ankle in gym class.”
  • Morgan says,”Last week when I spilled a whole bottle of water down my leg.”

School can be fun at times, getting to see everyone you know and laughing with friends and teachers. But some days are just straight bad. Although looking back at the bad days, we all laugh. I get so mad and upset, then the next day comes and I’ll just laugh about it.

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