What Having COVID-19 as a Student is Really Like

Even though we know the coronavirus is real, it doesn’t actually feel real until someone close to you or you yourself get it. People take precautions and try to keep themselves protected from it the best they can. At a Uniontown graduates college campus they took all the safety measures to try to keep their students safe. After doing everything they could students were still contracting the virus. One of these students is a Uniontown graduate and I interviewed them about what having COVID-19 is really like as a college student.

Q: How do you believe you contracted the virus?

A: “ I guess it could be from anywhere I went, but I have a strong feeling it was from one of my sorority sisters who went to a frat house a few days before.”

Q: How did you know you contracted the virus?

A: “One of my house sisters tested and was positive for it so my whole sorority house had to test.”

Out of 10 girls 8 of them came back positive. All of them had to pack a bag with stuff for two weeks that night And had to be taken to a on campus Hotel. The student told me, “We each got our own room and bathroom, but we couldn’t leave that room for two weeks everything we needed would be dropped off at our door.”

After I talked to them about how they got COVID-19 and what the following steps were, we started taking about what the actual sickness was like. They said, “I felt sick for about 4 days and then I felt fine, being in that room for two weeks did a toll on my metal health though.” Overall the coronavirus can be dangerous for some people and can be terrible, but for a lot of students it actually isn’t too bad physically. If anything lack of human contact is a horrible strain on their mentality and leaves many of them depressed.

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