What is there to do this winter break?

There is a lot of free time during Christmas break, but what is there to do? One thing to do is to go ice skating at PPG Place in Pittsburgh and see the giant Christmas tree that the skating rink surrounds. But if ice skating isn’t your thing then there are many other things to do during the holiday season.

Not far from the giant tree and skating rink you can find Phipps Conservatory. Phipps Conservatory is a beautiful destination throughout the year, but their holiday season display really kicks things up a few notches. This event known as “The Winter Flower Show” uses the plants that you would traditionally see at Phipps along with holiday lights to create a truly spectacular display. The Winter Flower Show is open from November 29th clear through to January 12th.

Another thing to do during your free time of the Christmas break is to go enjoy the snow at any ski resort. Some local options to ski/snowboard at are Seven Springs and Hidden Valley. Both are within a short drive and have attractions to keep skiers and snowboarders of any skill level entertained. Seven springs currently has seven terrain parks and plenty of slopes to keep guest from getting bored. Hidden Valley has 26 different slopes and nine different lifts to get you where you need to go. If you don’t know how to ski or snowboard, both resorts offer lessons from certified instructors.

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