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When you are deciding what college you should ask yourself multiple questions, like does this school have what I want to do or is this school to far or to close? When your choosing a college it should be something that you want and you shouldn’t go there based off of where your friends are going or what your parents want you to do. The college you chose should be somewhere that you want to go and your parents shouldn’t pressure into going to a college that isn’t your first choice.

Picking a college is one of the most exciting and confusing time because you have to decide a route to go. You definitely want to start early looking at colleges, and make a list of things that your looking for in a college before actually choosing one. You should also go and visit the college  and their websites they will give you information on how much you would be paying and different scholarships that are out there to help you. You should also look at the graduation rate, the acceptance rate of schools and the ratio of students to faculty.

College picking should be an experience you should always go and look at the college and talk to students and professors they are the ones who are able to tell you things to expect and their experience that they encountered. Personal experience from students and professors can give you a good idea of how things are ran. It could also persuade you or your parents that its the right chose than an other college that your looking at.  College is a chose that are right for some people their are other chose as well. There are some colleges you have to go for two years, four years or even five or six years. It all depends on how much schooling you have to do before getting your degree.

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