What Your Favorite Color Says About You

Ever wondered if your favorite color says anything about your personality?

RED: If your favorite color is red, you are bold and care about making a lasting impression. You always live  life to the fullest and stay determined.

ORANGE: Anyone whose favorite is orange is friendly, easy going, and carefree. Orange fans love to be the center of attention, and rarely have a serious thought.

YELLOW: Adore yellow? You’re a very happy, optimistic person! You’re an idealist, but sometimes you may be underestimated. Because of your constant happiness, others make think you’re not serious about work.

GREEN: If green is the color you love most, you may also love money and the idea of wealth. You strive for security with friends and funds. You’re also a social butterfly!

BLUE: Fans of blue are calm, cool, and collected. You’re able to find peace with things, much faster than others. If you wear blue often, you’re thought to be approachable by others.

PURPLE: If you love purple, you’re a very unique individual! You tend to favor fantasy over reality. You view the world in a way that others might not understand, but you’re okay with that!

PINK: Love pink? You may be naive, sensitive, and sheltered. However, those who love pink are youthful souls, never wanting to grow up.

BLACK: If you like black, you’re moody but also sophisticated. You tend to need control, always wanting to be in charge. Others may think of you as complicated.

WHITE: Fan of white? You may think you’re more innocent than you are. You may view yourself as a pure person, but others can see otherwise. You’re also a put-together person, always sure you dress to impress.


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