Inside The Classroom: Ceramics

It’s getting close to the end of the nine weeks as lots and lots of things are being created in the Art room. We have tons of pottery and art being made in the process. From throwing to pinch forming and so much more. The last day to make anything was yesterday, but that didn’t stop some students from continuing on and creating masterpieces. Glazing their pottery and other various creations is what they’re doing right now. They can’t make anything new, but they can edit what they’ve already done.

We have lots of things being glazed and dried right now. Tons of pieces of art are being taken home and pictures are as well being taken. You can view some of the finished pieces displayed behind glass in the cafeteria. You can also buy your own pieces of art. There’s a clearance sale down in the art room for nice glazed pottery, cups, etc. You should really check it out as these pieces are only going for $1 and are created by our own students! Maybe one day you should come on down to art room! Or take the class one day! Trust me it’s a whole lot of fun!

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