What’s the Winter Forecast for This Year?

The first snow of the year has us all wondering, “What kind of winter is this going to be?” Well, according to this year’s Farmers Almanac prediction, we can expect an extremely cold winter. So if you enjoy the extra couple hours of sleep from 2 hour delays, this could be a good year for your sleep schedule.

Students who enjoy outdoor winter sports can expect that there should be no shortage of snow. This is predicted to be a long winter with the coldest conditions coming in January and sticking around clear through early February. So if the winter season goes as predicted, this could be a great year to join the ski club.

Keep in mind that the cold temperatures don’t only bring all good things. If you drive yourself to school you need to remember that the colder temperatures can mean that driving conditions will be dangerous. Roadways can become extremely icy and slick, so always have your attention on the road and stay cautious. It is a good habit to leave your starting place a couple minutes early so that you don’t need to drive as quickly as usual. So have fun, but always remember: Safety First!

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