When will the vaccine be available for teens?

Since there are already 44 million people fully vaccinated against COVID. There is a good chance that the vaccine will be available for teens and children, although children may have to wait until 2022. There are teen and younger children trials for the vaccine. The results for that, children 12 and up will be able to be vaccinated by the upcoming school year.

There can be a chance that the children that are high risk 12 and up will be able to get it. It is likely hat the Johnson and Johnson has planned to have a vaccine ready for children that are under 18 by September. After hey test the teens and see how they react they will work their way down to children then down to babies.

There was some getting clinical trials on young children. Ages 12 to 15 they had announced that it works very well on them. This month they are going to began trials on 6 months to 11 years old. Although they are low risk for complications from covid, so it may not be pressing for some parents. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine has not been a good one, they have messed up the mixtures for it and was still giving them out to people. They have discontinued the J&J vaccine as of right now.

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