Where Are They Now? Macy Mills

Macy graduated with the class of 2019. While in High School, she spent most of her time running Cross Country, Track, and also Swimming on the swim team. Macy was always very ambitious about her future. Recently, she came home to visit and I got the chance to catch up on her life with a brief interview about her future plans and what she has been up to since she graduated.

Q: What school do you attend and what is your major?
A: ” I attend Elon University and I am majoring in Cinema and Television Arts with a minor in creative writing.”

Q: What do you miss most about high school ?
A: I miss cross country practice and meets the most.”

Q: Whats your favorite high school memory?
A: ” Sophomore year our football team beat LH and we rushed the field @LH.”

Q: What do you do with your free time at Elon ?
A: ” I spend most of my time with friends or writing and trying to keep up with running.”

Q: Are you in any clubs or organizations at Elon ?
A: ” I’m in film club called CinElon, I’m in ESTV, which is a T.V. show produced by students.”

Q: Do you have a job ?
A: ” I have three jobs! I’m a Tour Guide at Elon, a SPARKS peer educator, and a technology service desk assistant.”

Q: Do you still talk to your High school friends?
A: ” YES! I still talk to all of my high school friends.”

Q: Is college what you expected?
A: ” It was pretty much what I expected, I didn’t realize how much free time I’d have.”

Q: Any advice for the next graduating class?
A: ” My advice for the next graduate class is to make sure you have all of your AP credits transfer and try to place out of classes, so you can come in with a lot of credits and don’t take unnecessary classes. Also don’t be worried and trust the process!”

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