Where Are They Now? Alexandria Bryner

Alexandria Bryner graduated from Uniontown Area High School in 2002. She was a member of the Spanish, Ski Club, and Student Council. Throughout High School she worked at Holiday Inn as a banquet waitress. In her free time she would work at Bryner lumber as a secretary. She attend West Virginia forensics two year program.

She graduated from WVU in 2006. What surprises everybody about Alex is that she didn’t go along with her plan of forensics. She moved back home to take care of her horses. One day on her way home she was going to stop at the feed store on Route 201 . Another car was speeding at 120 mph and hit Alex head on. Alex broke several ribs, both legs, and suffered neck injuries. The passenger of the other car did not suffer any injuries. Alex is lucky to still be with us today.

After coming home from the hospital she was down for six weeks and then had physical therapy. It was a long road to recovery but she is back up and running. Her dream came true this October she was named Congress Champion on a horse named Lets Ride. She wasn’t expecting to even place because he is only four and just started the class. Alex has a farm on her parents property it has 45-50 stalls including horses, donkeys, cows, pigs, cats and dogs.

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