Where Are They Now? Brian Frazier

My brother, Brian Frazier, graduated from Uniontown Area High School in 2012. He came to Uniontown High School his Junior year. He also started played football when he came to Uniontown and was a lineman. He played football at his old high school before he came to Uniontown. After graduation Brian decided to sign up for The United States Air Force. He left May 7, 2013 for basic training. He graduated from basic in the beginning of July 2013.

After he graduated basic he was sent to Mississippi for a few months so they could train him for his job. When he was done with training he was stationed at Ellsworth Air Force in South Dakota for 6 years. Recently in December 2018, he got re-stationed and now he’s at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.

What’s your favorite high school memory? “Either playing football or goofing around with my friends in class.”

What do you miss most about high school? ” The only thing I miss about school was seeing my friends everyday.”

What’s life going now? ” My life’s going pretty good now. I’m happy about getting stationed closer home because I’ll get to see and be there for a lot more things.”

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