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My brother and UHS alumni, Brian Liston, graduated UHS in the class of 2011. He played Football and competed in Track & Field. For his college career, he attended Duquesne for his bachelors degree, and Pittsburgh University for his masters. I conducted a short interview with him about his time at UHS, his job, and some advice he had to share.

Question – Who was your favorite teacher when you went to UHS?

Brian – Mr. Durso. I was privileged to have him as a teacher for middle school English at AJ McMullen (many, many years ago) and was so happy to have him as a teacher again for 11th grade English. 

Question – What was your favorite class?

Brian – Mr. Rabatin’s Physics 1 and Physics 2. Both courses were incredibly fascinating. From building model airplanes when studying aerodynamics to working with mirrors and lenses to understand the physics of light, the hands-on curriculum was among my most memorable high school experiences.

Question – How did you do in sports in school?

Brian – During my four years at Uniontown, I was on the football team where I played on the offensive line. During the offseason in the winter and throughout the summer I would be with my teammates, weightlifting and conditioning for the upcoming season. In the spring, I was also on the high school track and field team where I competed in both the discus and javelin throwing events.  High school sports were truly a year-long commitment, but I loved every moment of it. 

Question – Where and what did you go to college for?

Brian – After graduation from Uniontown, I attended Duquesne University where I earned my bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a minor in History. Immediately after graduating in 2015, I attended the University of Pittsburgh where I received my master’s degree in Public and International Affairs, majoring in Security and Intelligence Studies. I graduated from Pitt in spring 2017.

Question – Where do you work now?

Brian – I currently work in Washington D.C. for a firm that specializes in management consulting in the field of public safety.

Question – What advice would you give to current students at UHS?

Brian – High school can often seem as if it lasts an eternity. In retrospect, I feel that my time at Uniontown came and went in the blink of an eye. If anything, cherish your time in school. Challenge yourself with academic and AP courses. Get involved in extracurriculars such as a club or sport. 

Question – Do you miss anything about High School?

Brian – I certainly miss the sense of community. Whether it’s being with your teammates, working with classmates, or having the opportunity to see your friends every day during the week you really develop a comradery that’s difficult to attain in college or when everyone goes about their lives after graduation. 

Question – Anything to add or say?

Brian – Go Raiders!

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