Where Are They Now? Caileigh Carei

Tomahawk Talk has had time to speak with a former student Caileigh Carei to see how she is succeeding and how her travels are.

TT: What school are you attending?
CC: The University of Pittsburgh

TT: What are you majoring in?
CC: I am going to school for Political science, linguistics, and a minor in French with an Arabic and Latin American studies certificate.

TT: What was your favorite place to travel to?
CC: I have traveled to a lot of different places, however, my favorite place to return to is always Brazil. A part of my heart will always be there and I love to go back and see all my friends and family.

TT: You say you are going for linguistics, how many languages are you currents fluent in?
CC: Truly fluent I would say one (Portuguese). However, I do have a very high level of understanding and language production of Arabic. I understand and can read the majority of things in Spanish, however when I speak it is a mixture of Portuguese and Spanish.

TT: What language are you looking forward to getting into next?
CC: French is my next upcoming language. I would definitely say that I am advanced enough to learn it with ease. However, I still don’t have a large repertoire of vocal.

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