Where Are They Now? Crystal Bryson

My sister, Crystal Bryson, graduated in 2014 from Uniontown High school. She is currently attending Penn Sate for Business Marketing and Management. She has attended college for five years. She has many ups and downs during those years. When she started out she didn’t know what she wanted to do, so she enrolled as undecided. She later decided to study business. She spent many late nights studying and writing papers.

While a full time student at Penn State, she works part time at Sheetz and she is also a mom. She works hard at everything she does and pushes me to a better student. Seeing her work as hard as she does always motivates me to try harder. I asked her “What is the hardest part about being a mom and being a full time student?” She said “I’m always on the go driving to either work, school or the babysitter.  Managing my time in order to get my assignments done along with everything else is hard.” When asked about motherhood, she replied “My favorite part about being a mom would be watching Aubree learn and grow.”  Regarding her education she said, “I like that Penn State is not a large campus. We have small class sizes and the professors really take time to make sure we’re all learning the material.”

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