Where Are They Now? Debra Thomas

Debra Thomas is the second oldest out of ten. She is the oldest of the six sisters and has four brothers. Born on June 2nd in 1954 to Herman and Evelyn Thomas. As a child, she attended Hatfield Elementary School. Around her junior high days, she switched to Uniontown School District attending Lafayette Elementary and Junior High School. For high school, she attended Uniontown High school. While attending high school. She attended many dances and was a part of the Majorette team as the captain. My Gram is also a Christian and attended Mt. Olivet Baptist Church, in Uniontown, PA.

For fun, she and her siblings and the rest of their friends would have gatherings at my great grandparent’s house in the basement. My Gram enjoyed dancing and singing. Her favorite singer is Luther Vandross and her favorite song is “Dance With My Father Again.” My pap, Herman always made sure they had stuff to do at home whether it was a sleepover, cook out or just relaxing, he made sure they had a good childhood.

Debra had two children, Grapey and Michael.  She wasn’t married, but she is content with it. She says family is all she needs. She also three grandchildren, Dorien, myself, and my little brother Jordin. We are her blessings, the ones who changed her life.

Life wasn’t always so sweet, at a young age, she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and almost lost her life. If it wasn’t for my grandfather and my brother finding her, she would’ve died.

Today she enjoys her days watching T.V. and spending time with her family. She looks forward to Saturday the most. Saturday is the day when the sisters come together at the “round table” and talk about the week. Saturday is normally the day family stops in for a visit. Occasionally, we enjoy a sleepover of her and I. We watch movies, and talk about her and how she grew up. She tells many different stories that have happened to her. She is always there for me, and of course my family too. Her life is truly one to remember.

“A grandmother is like an angel, she takes you under her wing, prays for you and gives you anything”

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  1. My last name is Thomas my father was named John Ralph Thomas, he grew up in little wash. I recently received an unexpected phone call, which turned out to be a pleasant surprise. He is a cousin his grandmother is my 1st cousin. He told me that the Thomas family had came from Virginia, and settled inuniontownfirst. He said his name is Trace, my name is Althea. If their is a chance we are related I would like a reply from you.

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