Where Are They Now? Elizabeth Klingensmith

Elizabeth was a 2016 graduate from the Uniontown High School. In school she was part of the Swim team and many other academic clubs. She was also valedictorian of her class.

Q: “What do you miss about high school?”
A: ” I miss the set schedule that high school has. In college, you get a lot of free time in between classes and it’s easy to spend that hour between class watching Netflix rather than doing homework for that night. So, sometimes when my homework starts to get piled up, I miss being forced into doing school work for a certain amount of hours of a day!”

Q: “What do you remember about your high school graduation?”
A: “I remember being really nervous before the graduation ceremony because I had to give a speech at it. At the ceremony, I remember how happy everyone was when they came up to the stage to get their diplomas.”

Q: “Is college life anything like you expected it to be?”
A: “College life is way more awesome than expected! There are so many interesting classes and organizations that you can get involved with. I also think it’s really fun to get to meet people from all over the world and share how different our experiences had been up until we came to the same school.”

Q: “What did you go to college for?”
A: “I’m majoring in biology with a minor in philosophy at Emory University. I’m planning on applying to medical school after college.”

Q: “Do you still talk to any of your high school friends?”
A: “I do still talk to some of my high school friends. It’s hard to keep up with each other when we’re all in different parts of the country, but when we all come home for breaks we make sure we get to hang out together.”

Q: “Why did you choose the college that you choose?”
A: “I chose to go to Emory because it has a really good reputation academically, but I also really enjoyed the feeling of the campus. Everyone here is very supportive of each other and classes aren’t made for students to have to compete with each other. Emory is also a really diverse campus with a lot of international students. So, we get a lot of exposure to different cultures and opinions, which makes for a lot of cool conversations. Also, being in Atlanta, there are always really cool events and things happening downtown.”

Q: “What clubs and sports teams are you involved in?”
A: “I’m involved in Emory’s Student Ambassador program, the Ethically Engaged Leaders program, club swimming, and residence life.”

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