Where Are They Now? Elyse Tuennerman

Uniontown Alumnae Elyse Tuennerman (Kaplan) ’14 has kept busy since her high school graduation as she prepares for a career in city planning. She attended Uniontown schools from 7th grade on. Elyse spent her years at Uniontown High School participating in the drama club for all 4 years, marching band for 3, National Honor Society, concert band and much more. She accomplished many great things over the years with these activities; accomplishments such as lead roles in the Musicals (Fiona in Shrek the Musical, Narrator #1 in Joseph and the Technicolor Dream coat, and Judy in 9-5), serving as NHS Secretary, and receiving the Best Girl award her senior year.

Elyse now goes to college in Michigan at Kalamazoo College with fellow Uniontown alum Caleb Patton. Kalamazoo has been a great college for Elyse, and has led her to many important decisions in her life. Elyse is “very glad that [she] chose a college where there are no general education requirements.” When asked about her choice, Elyse said,  “at Kalamazoo, you don’t declare your major until the middle of sophomore year, so I had plenty of time to experiment in different subjects and see what was the best fit. I found that I really enjoyed sociology, and my high school job as a Tour Guide at Kentuck Knob got me interested in architecture.” These findings led Elyse to figure out her career path in city planning because “city planning is a place where those two interests meet.”

Not only did Elyse get to experiment with school subjects at Kalamazoo, but she also has been able to experience the job field as a city planner through multiple internships. The summer after her freshman year, she was able to intern at Youth Service America in Washington D.C., the next year back home at the Pittsburgh History and Landmark Foundation, and this winter at the Kalamazoo City Planning Department.

Kalamazoo has given Elyse countless opportunities to excel in other areas of life as well. She is a member of Kalamazoo’s student government, a student ambassador, and a writer for the school newspaper. Currently Elyse is in Aberdeen, Scotland partaking in Kalamazoo’s extensive study abroad opportunities. Uniontown gave a Elyse an excellent starting point for her education. Kalamazoo has been an exceptional college for her, and she is excited to continue her future in city planning.


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